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Manage your investments

Manage your portfolio remotely with your team. Easily switch between funds.

Track funds performances

Track your investments, follow-ons, & exits with metrics selected to meet your needs.

Create relevant reports

Easily create relevant reports in seconds, export or share them with who you choose.

Communicate with companies

Share documents, collaborate, and find metrics & KPI's about companies.

Monitor latest companies news

Automatically get the latest news about the companies you invest in.


Get a simple and pleasant view of your portfolio performances. Access the latest activities from each fund and the latest news from your portfolio.

  • Enjoy a global view of your performances
  • Get the latest news from your companies
  • Access recent activities from your team
  • Visualize financial quarterly results
Get the IRR, Valution and many more metrics about your investments portfolio

Manage your funds

Manage your portfolio remotely with your team and easily switch from one fund to another.

  • Handle investments, follow-ons & exits
  • Choose among several financial instruments
  • Manage user permissions
  • Monitor your financial vehicles in one solution
Create as many funds you want, set permissions with your team.

Track investments

Track your investments, follow-ons, & exits with metrics selected to meet your needs.

  • Precisely filtered searches in your investments
  • Track each operation of each company
  • Picture your portfolio financial health
  • Convert your database to an Excel file
Track your performance, investments, follow on and exits.

Create reports

Easily create relevant reports in seconds, export or share it with who you choose.

  • Compare your investments performances
  • Create graphs, pie charts, tables and more
  • Choose the metrics you want to display
  • Export results to PDF, PNG, JPG and more
Create VC Cloud Report of your Portfolio

Companies access

Share a space with companies you invested in, collaborate to make the most of your relationship.

  • More than 60 available metrics per company
  • Easy file upload
  • All the latest fundraising information in one place
  • Unlimited storage
Store all invesments documents in one place, captable, pitch decks, status.


Kushim is the best portfolio management tool I ever worked with, it provides me all the metrics I need, report creation has never been easier. I'm using it everyday.

Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice Grinda

Founding Partner, FJ LABS


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Frequently Asked Questions

You surely have few questions, take a look at our answers.

General Questions

Kushim is considered the first case of a named person in writing. The name "Kushim" was found on an ancient Sumerian tablet made of clay called the Kushim Tablet used to record financial transactions. We took the name of the first financial officer ever recorded as our company name because we consider it a nice wink to history.
The founding team of Kushim has worked in VC funds, private equity and institutional banks. We all had the same insight: VC and private equity sectors lack innovative and effective digital solutions to manage investments, make financial reports, and store important documents. That's why we spent 2 years working with Fabrice Grinda (Angel Investor and Co-founder of FJLabs) (Angel Investor and Co-founder of FJLabs) to design a cloud based management and investment tracking solution. After one year of development, Kushim is ready to make investor’s lives easier.
Our mission is to allow people who work in venture capital funds to be as efficient as possible by allowing them to stop wasting time on tasks that can be made simpler if not automated. We let them focus on their real job: meeting with startups and finding future unicorns.

Our Solution

Our solution allows you to manage the metrics you need.
Invested, Win, Loss, Proceed, Net Proceed, IRR, AVG Multiple, Portfolio Valuation.
By instrument, country, stage of investment, type of investments and much more.

On each company page, it's possible to set up more than 60 KPI’s to follow your companies.
We can also provide custom metrics, contact our sales support for more information.
Yes, you can create funds directly from your dashboard and manage permissions for each user.
You can easily create a report with the graphics of your choice and export it to PDF, Excel or others formats.
You can also export your entire database to an Excel document.


If you want a demo account, we provide a free full access trial period to our solution for two weeks. To do so, please send us a message.
You can import your data manually using the initial investments, follow on and exit sections.
During the onboarding process, if necessary, our team can take care of importing your current data.


Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany.
Data security is very important to us. Our team includes IT security experts and we regularly audit our code to ensure that everything is secure.
On the technical level, we use, among other things:
  • AES encryption
  • Automated intrusion test algorithms
  • Smart Firewall