About Kushim

Kushim was built to eliminate the frustration of poorly synchronized tech-stacks and enable a simplified investment process. Our goal is to save you time, each step of the way, so you can get back to discovering the next big thing.

We’re backed and trusted by some of the best investors in the world.

We Venture Capital investors!

You give entrepreneurs the power to create, innovate and sometimes…. alter the Earth’s rotation. You invest in technology that shapes the future, but the tools you use are old and not designed for you, that’s why we built Kushim.

Company DNA

Kushim builds tools tailored to investors. From tracking deals to watching your companies grow, Kushim’s user-centric designs make each step easier. Manage your investments, keep your LP’s up to date, and stay in touch with your portfolio companies all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

The name "Kushim" was found on an ancient Sumerian tablet made of clay (called the Kushim Tablet.) It was used to record financial transactions. We took the name of the first financial officer ever recorded as our company name because we consider it a nice wink to history.
VC and Incubator/Accelerator sectors lack innovative and effective digital solutions to manage their deal flows and investments. That's why we designed cloud-based management and tracking solutions specifically for them. After one year of development, Kushim is ready to make investor’s lives easier.
Kushim solutions were built to eliminate the frustration of poorly synchronized tech-stacks and enable a simplified investment process. Our goal is to save investors time, from analyzing potential deals to portfolio management, so they can spend more time discovering the next big thing.
We provide a free full access trial period to each solution upon request, please send us a message.
Our team is available to import all of your current data for free. You can also import your data manually using the initial investments, follow on, and exit sections, which you will use on an ongoing basis.
You can easily export your entire database to an Excel document from the Database page. You can also export subsets of data through the reporting features.
Yes, we only charge per fund. You can add new funds directly on the platform and will be billed accordingly. You are allowed unlimited users and can grant different access levels to each.
Deal Flow is charged per user, but there is no limit. Please check our Pricing section for more information on the cost. Multiple pipelines are available, you can create as many pipeline you need.
Yes, if you invest in a company on your Deal Flow, all data and documents will be automatically transferred to your Management account.
Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany.
Data security is very important to us. Our team includes IT security experts and we regularly audit our code to ensure that everything is secure. You can find more information about our security measures on the Infrastructure page.
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