Customers Case Study

How to Leverage Network in Venture Capital with Kushim

The Case of Energy Impact Partners

Many successful business executives acknowledge that one of the most critical skills in raising capital and scaling their companies is the ability to leverage and manage their professional network.

Without exception, this also applies to venture capital firms that have very wide networks. Maintaining a broad network requires a colossal effort from the fund’s side to maintain relationships with their Limited Partners (LPs) and other stakeholders.

One of our customers, Energy Impact Partners (EIP) shared with us their insights about the importance of networks and the positive impact that properly managed networks have on driving their business forward.

EIP is a NYC-based strategic investment fund that partners with utility companies to make investments in the energy space.

With +$680M USD AUM, a portfolio of 26 companies, 14 utility partners, a global reach of 180 million customers and a distinct investment strategy, EIP has developed a bulletproof relationship management system with their network.

Kushim was able to create a beautifully designed, clean and intuitive platform that is easy to understand, so people can find the information they’re looking for without too much struggle. It’s been a great experience for us!

• Vienna Poiesz, Senior Associate at Energy Impact PartnersPartners

In fact, EIP uses Kushim’s Portal to bring communication and transparency into their network. Here are some of their tips:
Have your LPs participate in internal processes

Portal enables EIP’s utility partners to have a clear view on essential stats regarding their investments and have access to their current pipeline, reports and important documents. Therefore, their network is always aware of the latest news about their portfolio companies as well as their fund.

Connecting LPs and portfolio companies

For EIP it’s very important that their utility partners can get in touch and share expertise with their portfolio companies to help them grow. The portal provides a platform where they can store and share news, articles, documents with their network while regulating the access of their network participants.

Having that type of resource from our partners can go a long way for one of our portfolio companies, but in order to make these two work together, we have to help with customer relations, which requires a lot of knowledge transfer.

• Vienna Poiesz, Senior Associate at Energy Impact Partners

Keep your network informed

Kushim's Portal helps EIP share relevant information about their portfolio companies with their LPs. Furthermore, the LPs can now receive regular updates about EIP's internal processes. Consequently, the Portal has assisted EIP in improving its relationship with their LPs by providing more transparency and accountability.

We recognized transparent communication with our network is not only helping our partners and portfolio companies, but actually expands our direct network.

• Vienna Poiesz, Senior Associate at Energy Impact Partners