Mitigate risk and maximize value by selectively
involving LPs, Partners and Advisors.

The gateway to build trust and
successful LP-GP relationship

Transparency and trust are the core values between a fund and its LPs. This fully automated Portal enhances the LP-GP relationship from fundraising to exit. At the end of the day, the network effect not only benefits the investors but also their ventures.


Keep up with the stringent transparency demand of your LPs.


Achieve higher performance by improving governance and enhancing reporting processes. Generate bespoke monthly newsletters to boost proactiveness of your LPs.


Reduce delays, costs and uncertainty into operations. Edit news and events from a user friendly interface. No more back office website.

Detailed and simplified dashboard

A user friendly and simplified dashboard showing your LPs detailed information about their investment.

Essential Stats

Clear depiction of companies involved in dealflow along with number and amount of invested.

Dynamic information about nex investments

The dashboard also features a timeline showing your LPs new investments.

Piepline composition

Your LPs can view the number of companies invested, rejected, tested and under consideration.


The network benefit

The portal gives you the capability to invite LPs, advisors and consultants.

  • Customized

    Customize your pipeline and company profiles to fit your deal flow process.

  • Automated

    Website submissions, forwarded emails, or a Gmail plugin makes creating new deals and tracking communication across your team easier than ever.

  • Simplified

    Template selected stages and present the relevant deals to get your meetings going faster.

Better communication and engagement

  • Elaborated

    Choose what fields and information are most important to complete Startup Profiles. Keep track of to-do’s, comments, contacts, and the team conversation in one place.

  • Analyzed

    View and use analytics from your Deal Flow to make strategic decisions. Track where your deals are coming from, what industry you’re hearing from, and much more.

  • Synchronized

    Automatically transfer data to your Kushim Portfolio Management software, keep track of your new portfolio company as it grows.